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    Why You Need a Pair of Flats

    Why You Need a Pair of Flats - Alyce Paris

    Flats are a chic alternative to heels without compromising style. Comfort is key when dressing for any occasion so choose a shoe that will be able to give you the confidence of staying out all day and night without getting tired. Check out these fresh flats for a reinvented style this spring and summer!

     Get Inspired By This Shoe Trend:

    Printed Flats
    Whether it is floral, animal print, or polka dots - spice up any outfit with a printed flat shoe.

    Denim Flats
    Denim is an essential to any wardrobe, so why not change it up a bit? Wear the denim trend on your feet with some fashionable flats.

    Ankle Strap Flats
    An ankle strap can make a difference in shaping up these shoes. The little details make all the difference! The tiny strap adds both dimension and style to these otherwise plain shoes.

    Lace-up Flats
    Want a little more support? Lace up flats hug your ankles while being both practical and trendy. They will, no doubt, make a statement as you enter the room. The modern update allows you to both dress up and down the shoes, making them very versatile and unique.

    Slingback Flats
    Going for a polished look? A slingback flat is perfect for an office setting. The flat shoe has both class and comfort all in one.

    Espadrilles Flats
    Espadrille flats give you a beachy look and feel. Beautiful for an effortlessly put together look, all while rocking some laid-back vibes. Enjoy the casual feel of summer with these summer shoes.

    Cutout Flats
    Alongside prints, cutout flats give texture to any outfit making them anything but basic. All your friends will want to borrow these in-style shoes.

    Pom Poms Flats
    Step up any casual flat with these cute and colorful pom poms for a fun look. They will surely be a conversation starter!

    How to Incorporate Flats Today:
     If you aren't into high heels, you can absolutely sport a flat shoe while you head to prom. Easy and comfortable to wear, these shoes might be your best option as you plan out your perfect prom look! A shoe this comfortable gives you no excuse to skip out on dancing. They also can easily be worn again for multiple occasions; you can definitely get your money's worth out of a nice pair of flat shoes.

    Which style do you like best? Where will you be shopping for flats this season?