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    How We Do It

      To ensure success, you must…

    1  Be a Team Player.   Be kind. Overcommunicate.  Cooperate: there is no I in team.  Care.  Contribute to our quirky family.  Help each other accomplish a common goal. Cherish warm, sincere relationships. Respect multiple perspectives & each other’s workloads.  Seek help/feedback when you need it.


    2  Hold Superior Standards.   Never settle for mediocrity. Be curious.  Use common sense. Pursue excellence. If you see a red flag, act before it’s too late.  Solve problems gracefully. Set healthy boundaries!  Encourage everyone’s ideas so our customers benefit. Always pay it forward.


    3  Love your job.    Smile.  Show up.  Keep promises.  Deliver results on time and with energy.  Take initiative. Have productive, goal-oriented behavior. Positivity goes a long way: find the YES.  Exceed expectations.  Share your knowledge. Identify areas for process development.  Never stop improving. 


    4  Embrace joie de vivre.   Laugh. Be joyful, have fun. Work meticulously and professionally, but also appreciate the absurd. Cultivate child-like wonder. Appreciate the French aesthetic in a relatable way. Every day is a new day!  You have no ego, but an intuitive je ne sais quoi.


    5  Be Entrepreneurial and Resourceful    Prioritize flexibility: be ready to roll with any curveballs. Run your department as if it were your own company. Be clever.  Make good decisions. Think ahead three, or five, steps. Measure decisions against sustainability, scalability, and social responsibility.


    6  Have Courage.   Dare to dream.  Be determined.  Trust a decision -- but first verifyit. Personify passion in everything you do.  Seize opportunities.  Share fears. Inspire the industry!  Defend yourself and your inspiration. Finish what you start. Deliver difficult news face-to-face.  ALWAYS go the extra mile!


    7  Be Original and Authentic.   Honor Alyce’s unparalleled heritage and legacy with every touch.  Have integrity.  Be distinctive.  Be a trendsetter. Think creatively and generate new and/or non-conventional ideas.  Be genuine and down-to-earth.  The road to success is paved with well-handled mistakes.