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How We Do It


To ensure success, you must… 

  1. Be Original and Authentic.   Be creative, prolific, and generate new and/or radical ideas.  Be honest.  Be humble and down-to-earth.  Be a nonconformist, or purple cow, in your industry or circle. Challenge conventional thinking.  

  2. Be Entrepreneurial and Resourceful.  Be clever. Value flexibility. Run your department as if it were your own company. Think ahead three, or five, steps. Never stop improving.  Measure all decisions against sustainability, scalability, and social responsibility.  

  3. Embrace joie de vivre.  Laugh. Be joyful. You work meticulously and professionally, but you also appreciate the absurd. Cultivate child-like wonder. Appreciate the French aesthetic. Be kind and positive. You have no ego, but an intuitive je ne sais quoi 

  4. Hold Higher Standards.   Be determined. Be curious. Pursue knowledge. Exceed expectations. Inspire others to: improve themselves, volunteer for a cause, and learn a new language or concept.   Stretch your mind.  Pay it forward.

  5. Be Bold.   Be independent!  Seize opportunities.  Personify passion in everything you do.  Stand for something!  Turn your weaknesses into strengths.  Articulate a compelling vision.  Defend yourself and your inspiration. Finish what you start. 

  6. Be a Team Player.  Be conscientious. Communicate.  Contribute to our quirky culture.  Cheer on your colleagues.  Cherish meaningful relationships. Offer to assist a colleague in a different department. Respect and encourage other people’s ideas. Seek help when you need it. 

  7. Love your job.  Wear your heart on your sleeve.  Keep promises.  Be proactive. Have productive, goal-oriented behavior. Share your knowledge. Identify areas for personal development and continuous improvement.  And ALWAYS go the extra mile!