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    Fashion & Waste

    Fashion & Waste


    Fashion is notorious for big waste – overproduction is a strain on our environment and thus garments either get burned, or get dumped into landfills (as some luxury and fast fashion companies demonstrated recently). ALYCE Paris is proud that our overseas factories use centralized fabric procurement sources, which provides for more sustainability than other categories, like fast fashion. Our factories use pre-dyed and existing stock fabric whenever possible, which is less stressful on the environment because dyes do not have a protracted release into the soil like during certain mass-produced garment processes.

    Also, because ALYCE Paris designer prom dresses are cut and sewn based on a set number of pre-orders given by our retailers, excess inventory does not pose an environmental challenge for us. Many fashion companies rely on buyers and merchandisers to 'guesstimate' how much of one product may sell, and issue massive, inaccurate purchase orders based on that guess! At Alyce, we don't place POs based on anyone's “best” guess; we know that trends and fads have a short life cycle. We focus on producing the best special occasion styles, always. ALYCE Paris has one of the most accurate inventory forecasters in formal wear history; our analysis doesn't rely on a generic algorithm, but instead is painstakingly analyzed through vigorous testing by an experienced supply chain team to ensure accuracy.

    Our unique prom dress fashion life cycle method was developed by our expert CEO Jean-Paul Hamm over the last 51 years, and during our reign as one of the largest garment manufacturers inside the United States. During the 1990s, we honed our forecasting abilities while producing our hand-sewn dresses in our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility right outside Chicago. Our history and experience is unmatched: at one point in the 1990s, our LECTRA cutting process utilized 11 computerized cutting tables that were each 130 feet long! That is like having 3 football fields full of cutting tables! When you buy an ALYCE Paris dress, you will own a bit of American fashion history. ALYCE Paris goes the extra mile to ensure that our best prom dresses are almost always in stock & ready to ship, and that slow sellers are phased out of the product cycle as soon as possible in order to reduce waste.