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Vendor Code of Conduct



ALYCE Paris, a family-run business since 1967, is supplied by overseas family-run factories.  Founder Alyce Hamm's niece Claudine Hamm, Designer & Chief Creative Officer, believes strongly that family businesses are the most fun to partner with due to ease of doing business, level of quality commitment, and attention to detail.   

All ALYCE Paris vendors have demonstrated a commitment year after year to ensure the same high standards; we demand exacting fit, color, and production specifications.  Vendors who don’t meet our strict guidelines are phased out of the product lifecycle after only one season. Our retailers and stockists are quick to boast that our dresses have the best quality prom dresses on the market.  Every year, ALYCE wins industry awards for value and quality.   

Every single ALYCE Paris dress is first concepted by our designer, Claudine Hamm, and then lovingly hand-sketched; before going to market, our samples are refined over and over until they reach a construction detail level initially set by founder Alyce Hamm in the 1960s.  Our dresses are sewn by humans and finished by hand.  Beading is painstakingly applied by hand with needle and thread; other embellished techniques are administered by hand by a trained technician.  ALYCE Paris established its first vendor relationship in China in 1981 and serves as the longest-standing U.S. company to partner with commercial hand beading factories.   

Two examples:

  1. One of our favorite vendors, Factory XY, started their business in 2006 with a goal “to make awesome prom dresses.”  This husband-and-wife team decided they loved making prom dresses so much that they quit their jobs after working in their University bookstore and started their own company. Their favorite part of working with ALYCE Paris is the sample making because of the “gorgeous design.” And it shows: their responsiveness is among the best in the industry -- they stay up past 2am every night to message with ALYCE designer Claudine during our intense sample making process, and work overtime to deliver some of the very best samples that ALYCE produces.     
  2. Sister-run factory YC values their customer service for ALYCE; their level of acceptance of our special requests helps ALYCE Paris maintain its award-winning reputation for unparalleled client services.  YC's love of fashion guided them to start their own business and hire the best finishers in the industry.  This is one of our favorite factories because their attention to quality and on-time delivery is what we consider to be the best in the industry.  They have one of the best hand-beading artisans—our own designer trained her over the past 10 years to produce the high end artwork that you saw in our stunning SS2017 Art Deco collection.  They’ve been supplying ALYCE Paris since 2012. 

ALYCE Paris also partners with a few factories in business since 1993, when most of our product offerings were hand-beaded dresses.   Several other factories that started with ALYCE in 1981 are out of business because they lacked succession plans.