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    What to do with your Prom Dress - After Prom

    What to do with your Prom Dress - After Prom - Alyce Paris

    Prom was amazing, but now what do you do with that beautiful prom dress once your special night is over? Here are 8 great ways to put your prom dress to use again.

    1) Re-Wear It
    Prom was the perfect night, you felt beautiful and glowed all night, so why not relive that moment by wearing your prom dress again? Wear it for a wedding, your birthday, or save it for college formals.

    2) Pass It Down
    Your younger sister, cousin, and friend all loved your dress. The dress made you feel amazing all night so why not share that special moment with someone who is special to you. Give them advice on how to make the most of prom and how to enjoy every second of it.

    3) Donate It
    There are many girls out there who would do anything to have a chance to wear your dress. Organizations like Operation Cinderella, and many more will be happy to take your gently used prom dress.

    4) Compete in a Pageant
    You know you have secretly been wanting to walk across a stage and look amazing in a gown. Yes, it takes lots of hard work and dedication but you already have a stunning dress which means you are one step closer to achieving that dream.

    5) Wear it for your Senior Pictures
    Senior pictures are all about capturing your best memories from high school, so why not capture your magical prom moments too. The photos will last a lifetime and once you get rid of your dress, you will always have the photos to fall back on.

    6) Keep it as a Memory
    Remember the time your grandma took you up into her attic and showed you her old dresses? Well that can be you one day. Who knows, maybe by then your dress will be considered an antique.

    7) Sell It
    Letting go of your prom dress is hard to do, but the extra cash can help fund a new dress. Not to mention your contribution to saving the planet: Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money energy, and natural resources.

    8) Shorten It
    If you know you will never wear a long dress again, then why not shorten it? Make sure to have the alterations done by a seamstress to ensure nothing it will look as good short as it did long.

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