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    People also ask if they can purchase an Alyce wedding dress directly from this dress shop website. Unfortunately, no - Alyce does not sell its popular designer prom dresses, homecoming dresses, mother of the bride dresses, or wedding dresses directly to the public. You must locate a store near you using the FIND A STORE link at the top of the dress shop website menu. Our designer prom dresses and wedding dresses are sold only through authorized Alyce retailers who provide high quality, personalized service.

    According to, "Sometimes, less is more—and your wedding dress is no exception. If you're a self-proclaimed minimalist, a simple wedding dress will allow you to express your style and feel like yourself on your big day. After all, there's no sense in wearing a gown that doesn't feel like you." If minimalist is your personal style, then look no further than Alyce for your dream dress.

    According to, "As a minimalist bride, you'll likely be drawn to simple and classic silhouettes like pared-back slip dresses, unadorned ball gowns, and courthouse-chic mini dresses. Or perhaps you want a simple dress with an unexpected twist, like a modern neckline or romantic lace detail." Alyce has you covered if your dream wedding dress is minimalist.

    Each Alyce prom dress, wedding dress or wedding guest dress is first pre-ordered by your retailer, and then sewn overseas. Reorders may not be in stock. Our standard delivery time for wedding dresses are 12-20 weeks and for prom dresses 8-12 weeks, unless a dress is in stock, then normal shipping times apply. Many times the most popular dress style may be in stock or in transit to our warehouse. World wide shipping is offered by a select group of prom dress shops and boutiques. Please contact your sales associate at an authorized retailer for more information.

    While we cannot send a picture of a particular style, we urge you to refer to the images on our dress website where our prom dresses are shown in all available colors. (Note that the dress colors shown on our website may vary from the actual dress color depending on your particular computer monitor.) For viewing your favorite prom dress(es) in a particular color, please visit a retailer in your area who will have the actual color swatches and/or your desired prom dress(es) in stock.

    Yes. You may view the color swatches next to the picture of the prom dress or wedding guest dress. You will see a large assortment of colors that approximate the actual colors of the unique prom dress. The particular fabric can affect the color shade. Simple wedding dresses usually begin as a prom dress, so be sure to inquire with a dress shop sales person on colors.

    If you're interested in carrying Alyce prom dresses in your store, please email our customer service department with your contact information or call us at 847-966-9200.

    Alyce is proud to offer an assortment of affordable and designer prom dresses, hoco dresses, and simple wedding dresses. Only authorized Alyce prom dress shops and stockists around the world may quote the retail price of our dresses. Affordable wedding dress and wedding guest dress prices are also available through Alyce. Pricing varies throughout the countries in which our formal dress collections are sold. Please use our store finder to buy a prom dress in a store near you or simply google "prom dresses near me" for a comprehensive assortment of dress shops. Our average prom dress costs between $300 to $550. Our average homecoming dress costs between $180 to $280.

    All of our latest prom and wedding dresses can be seen in our online dress collections on this website. To view a complete printed Alyce catalog, check with your nearest authorized Alyce prom dress shop or wedding dress shop using our FIND A STORE link.

    Choosing a light blue or royal blue prom dress is the most common prom dress color since it looks good on all skin tones. That said, for 2023 prom dresses, purple is the most popular prom dress trend. You will also see a lot of orange prom dresses for 2022-2023. Also, keep in mind that a black prom dress is classic and you will not regret that choice, ever. Choosing a white prom dress is also an option if you are a teen wearing a white graduation dress later in the year. Emerald green prom dresses are difficult to find, but we have the best prom dresses for junior or senior prom!

    If you are an optimist, you will love our bright neon pink assortment of colors that are trending for prom. Don't be fooled by the photo color though - almost all of our long prom dresses, short prom dresses or homecoming dresses, and wedding guest dresses are available in a classic color as well.

    Top-to-toe color is also a fashion color trend for 2023 prom and 2022 homecoming, so if you think you can pull that off that statement, go for it - and don't forget to tag us so we can repost your confidence!

    According to, "A-line dresses, like the empire cut, are a great choice for brides of all body types. The A-line dress is perfect if you want to disguise a heavier lower half or create the illusion of a smaller waist." And we at Alyce agree: A-lines are the safest and most timeless choice for every body shape.

    An authorized retailer near you can discuss your measurements and assist in selecting the size of the prom dress, wedding dress, or cockatil wedding guest dress that is best for you. As it is difficult to provide sizing information without your being in the store, please be sure to visit your nearest authorized Alyce retailer. Keep in mind Alyce also offers the top assortment of designer plus size formal dresses. When you place your order an experienced sales person will take your measurements and assist you in ordering the appropriate and most flattering size.  Measurement guidelines are usually best when measurements are taken by a dress consultant or stylist in person.

    To find a store near you that carries ALYCE Paris dresses, please visit the store finder and search by zip or postal code, city, state and even collection. Narrow or expand your search using a range of miles.

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    If that situation occurs, we will assist you in finding your favorite Alyce dress. Please email or call us and we'll help you find a dress shop near you.

    Prom dress and homecoming dress sizes start at 000; for larger sizes, including size 32, are available for many plus size formal dresses, plus size homecoming dresses, plus size wedding dresses, and plus size wedding guest dresses. Alyce is very proud to have always offered the largest assortment of designer plus size prom dresses. Please see the size chart link located underneath the dress you are viewing to determine the size range. Custom plus size formal dresses are also available upon inquiry; visit your nearest plus size formal dress shop and ask them to call us.

    If you want to find an Alyce prom dress in a dress shop near you, please click on the Find a Store link in our top menu and type in you city or zip code. The website will show you the nearest dress shop.

    The most popular prom dresses right now are sequin mermaid prom dresses, a line prom dresses, black prom dresses, white prom dresses, red prom dresses, and ball gown prom dresses that can be used as grad dresses as well.

    The most popular prom dress trends for 2023 are statement backs (and earrings!), one shoulder dress styles, floral 3d styles, long sleeve prom dresses, and prom dresses with slits. Don't forget the cool heels!

    Some girls ask if they can wear black to prom - yes! you can. And remember you can wear that dress again to your sorority event in college!

    Alyce Paris is as legit as it gets! Alyce Paris is an iconic legacy brand that invented the category of prom dresses! So Alyce is definitely a good brand to trust ;) Up until Alyce starting making prom dresses in the late 1970s, teen girls were buying bridesmaids dresses and wearing them to prom. Alyce changed history!

    Alyce was founded in Chicago in 1967 as a bridal, bridesmaids, and custom couture manufacturer; we are still a private, family-owned company with our design studio and distribution center outside Chicago. Alyce was once the largest dress factory in the USA until production was shifted overseas (although if you love hand beading dresses and you live in the US, please do call us!) Alyce has superior quality over all similar brands because our award-winning history as a manufacturer puts our savoir-faire head and shoulders above all other prom and bridal brands. Manufacturing requires special skills that other simple wholesalers and storefronts just don't have.

    Bonus: Alyce Paris dresses have built-in bras! Yes. Our designer prom dresses, simple wedding dresses, homecoming dresses, wedding guest dresses, and mother of the bride dresses all have the bras built in. However, if this is not your thing, most pads inside the dresess are easy to remove, if you are handy with a needle and thread.

    Fit-and-flare gownsare flattering on almost every body types, even curvy gals - which is why fit and flare wedding dresses are among the most popular wedding dress styles for next year.

    Alyce Hamm herself included black in her bridal collections for decades! Black wedding dresses are an unusual, exciting, and very personal choice that evokes strong emotions in people of all cultures. Black is the color of loyalty, and can symbolize luxury and power, because it was hard to dye black fabric evenly so only people with power and money were able to afford black clothes. In the 1700s, black became fashionable to wear on special occasions. There are no known religious, legal, or moral reasons to stop you from wearing a black dress or gown on your wedding day. Simple black dresses are among Alyce's signature look and you will find the perfect black wedding dress in our online wedding dress collections.