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Top 10 Promposal Fails | Ideas to Avoid

Top 10 Promposal Fails | Ideas to Avoid - Alyce Paris

There's nothing better and worse than a great promposal fail. We've assembled the top 10 best promposal fails right here for you! If you have a promposal fail, send it in. There's nothing better than learning from failure!

Promposal Fail #1

The promposal pizza, This is cheesy, but.. it's getting real old. She said, "NO!" Be creative, not cheesy!

Promposal Fail #2
This is the perfect way to fail in at least one subject while attending high school. Do not ask your prom date out to prom like this. If her parents have any common sense, you will not be going to prom with this person.

Promposal Fail #3
If you re trying to impress a girl by getting sun burned, the girl you impress lacks any love for you! Put some lotion on that burn! Ouch!

Promposal Fail #4
Again, if this is a girl asking you out to prom, well... hmmmm. But if this is a guy asking a girl to prom, there's only one thing on his mind... Sunday school... ya!

Promposal Fail #5
This promposal makes no sense whatsover! Where is the creativity? On to the next!

Promposal Fail #6
Those guys should drop the promposal letter in the mailbox and not on top of their...well, you get the picture!

Promposal Fail #7
Promposals should never include "Will your lame go to prom with my weird?" I'm confused, but does a confused person ever get a resolution?

Promposal Fail #8
Again, drop the promposal letter in the mail and not on your... Promise not to do this! The daughter's parents won't be laughing.

Promposal Fail #9
A Honda is not a sexy beast. Do not write a promposal on your Honda Civic. NO!

Promposal Fail #10
Did you ever think about growing old with a "Prom?" tattoo on body? Tattoo removals hurt!

Honorable Mention
What grade are we in? Do 2nd graders get to go to prom now? Learn how to spell! This is a
classic promposal fail!