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    Best Prom Dresses For Short Girls

    Best Prom Dresses For Short Girls - Alyce Paris

    Shopping for a prom dress can be a nightmare when you are short! Poofy dresses can swallow you up, while color blocked dresses make you look even shorter. Relax, because we're here to help you find the perfect prom dress that will flatter your short frame!

    But first, a few tips
    -Say yes to heels! One of the luxuries of being short is that you can pull of a crazy awesome pair of heels.
    -Alterations are key! If you have your heart set on a long prom dress then you are more than likely going to have to get it hemmed.
    -Feeling confident on the inside is the key to looking amazing on the outside. Pick a dress that YOU love.

    Best Prom Dresses For Short Girls
    Below are the best prom dresses for short girls. Remember to pin your faves to Pinterest so you can save them for later, and to share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

    A monochromatic dress like will make your body look long and fluid. Try to avoid color blocked styles or dresses with thick belts because they will chop off your silhouette and make you look shorter.

    Slim fitting
    When picking a silhouette, aim for something slim fitting as opposed to a poofy or flowy style. A figure hugging dress will show off your shape without shrinking you.

    Not only are short dresses super trendy for prom 2015, they also perfectly flattering for short girls! A short dress will make your legs look super long.

    Vertical Patterns
    A vertical pattern will also make you appear taller. Now, this doesn't mean you need to wear stripes to prom. Dresses with beading and embellishments in a vertical pattern will do the trick.

    Say yes to V-necks! V-neck prom dresses are perfect for short ladies because they elongate your body and make you appear taller.