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    Going To Prom On Skateboards - Operation Cinderella With ALYCE Paris

    Going To Prom On Skateboards - Operation Cinderella With ALYCE Paris - Alyce Paris

    ALYCE Paris is proud to have contributed to the 2015 Operation Cinderella held on March 28, 2015, at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, through our ALYCE CARES program. To learn more about our contribution you can read our previous article here.

    Yesterday, we received an email from co-director Mary Linden, of Operation Cinderella, and she shared the following story with us.

    Hi ALYCE Paris,

    I thought you would think this is a sweet story. The little girl Shayna received the bright blue ball gown. She is from Waupaca and our event fell on her actual day of prom. She came to our event with no dress and no one to go to her prom with. She had an unsinkable spirit about her! Her date bailed out on her last minute and so did her friends. She called an old friend who said he'd take her but he had to drive 2 hours to get to her town and of course also couldn't buy something to wear.

    Long story short, she got your Alyce Paris dress and we found a place that put together a tux for him for free without getting exact measurements! The next day this photo of them going to prom was on her Facebook. We asked if we could use it and she said of course!

    How sweet. Small town kids that got totally cared for! What kills me is that they went to prom on their skateboards.

    ALYCE Paris, please feel a BIG part of their story!

    I so wish you could have been there!!!


    Shayna in her ALYCE Paris prom dress.