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    Country Style Promposal | Ideas To Steal

    Country Style Promposal | Ideas To Steal - Alyce Paris

    Promposals are the new proposals for the teenagers lately. Here are some country style promposal ideas to steal, or learn from, especially if you re a country teenager. These are our favorites and least favorites for a country style promposal.

    1. Plan a mudding date and then write her a little message.

    2. Take her fishing with you as a surprise catch!

    3. Hunting for a buck sure puts a girl in the mood to go to prom.

    4. WRITE HER A SONG!Or in this case rewrite it, because every girl dreams of a boy writing a song for her. How about a Luke Bryan Parody?

    DON'T DO THIS!Being called a donkey isn't cute. Show the girl some respect!