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    11 Summer Hair Buns

    11 Summer Hair Buns - Alyce Paris

    Summer is full of fun adventures and outdoor activities but sometimes its TOO hot to look cute with your hair down. The way you style your hair can often boost your look and take your outfit to another level, so we think its important to look good and feel good during the hotter months. Here are some of our favorite summer bun hair styles that are fun, fresh, and will have you feeling that summer breeze on your neck!

    1: Messy top bun with volume

    2: Ballerina bun with a scarf

    3: Bun mohawk

    4: Double braided low bun

    5: Add pins or clips to amp up the look

    6: Space buns

    7: Under braid with a high bun

    8: Half buns for short hair

    9: Low bun intertwined with a scarf

    10: Low space buns

    11:Side braid and bun