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    Pink Dresses

    Pink gowns are associated with innocence, femininity, and sweetness.  For your formal event, be pretty in a pink prom dress, or pale pink prom gown! A mermaid dress is the perfect pink gown. Pink gowns are also perfect as snowball dresses, grad dresses, or just as beautiful prom dresses!  Pink prom dresses are iconic, romantic and symbolize kindness and calm above all.  In some prisons, the walls are painted pink to reduce aggression.   Pink or light pink princess prom dresses ensure a perfect fit for your body type, and also are similar to the very popular pastel pink blush tone wedding dresses.  Looking for a romantic pink formal?  We have pink lace cocktail dresses.  Barbie pink A line dress, hot pink two piece, or neon pink formal dresses are flirty, trendy colors for pretty prom dresses that draw attention to you like moths to a flame -- like red prom dresses. Check out ALYCE Paris designer dresses for your special occasion.