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    Top 3 Makeup Looks | Spotlight Your Best Features

    Top 3 Makeup Looks | Spotlight Your Best Features - Alyce Paris

    Making a fashion statement begins with what you wear and ends with the makeup you choose. When it comes to different makeup styles you could choose to highlight, contour, or add a pop of color to areas you want to showcase. These makeup looks will help emphasize your best features and give you the confidence you need!

    1. Bringing more attention to the eyes.
    Keep in mind the color you’ll be wearing. A completely different color on your face can clash with the color of the clothes if they are not in the same palette. Try aiming for neutral colors to compliment, or colors that look good together so that everything will look put together. In a way, makeup brings the whole outfit together. Whether keeping it simple, smokey, or blended, there are tons of unique ways to look your best!

    2. Going bold in the lips.

    Whether it be with soft eye makeup or fierce bold eyes, choosing to add a bold lip will complement your overall look and give you that edgy sophisticated look. Adding a lip color can instantly make it look like you took the time to choose out your makeup, and there's something about adding lipstick that makes ever girl feel like a celebrity.

    3. Staying simple can go a long way!

    If your not the type to gravitate toward pops of color, try a natural look. Only applying a light foundation and adding a soft contour and highlight will give yourself a radiant sculpted face without looking too overdone.