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    Short Wedding Styles for the Summer

    Short Wedding Styles for the Summer - Alyce Paris

    Summer is filled with so many different events. Are you getting married this summer? If you are looking for a dress that is semi-casual but still event appropriate, then Alyce Paris can help. Weddings in the summer can be tricky because the summer heat can be unforgiving. Maybe you'll choose to have a long formal gown for the service and change into a more fun and breezy dress. If you want a short white formal dress for the whole day; check out some of Alyce Paris' newest dress styles for brides everywhere.

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    The most important thing about your wedding is to feel comfortable throughout the whole night and not stress the small things. If you don't plan on going with a short dress for your wedding check out some of our long white dresses HERE.

    Maybe you are a more conventional bride who will be wearing a long gown for the ceremony and reception. If you do decide to go shorter, these short and fun white dresses will still play they part. They help you stand distinguished as the honorable bride but still moving and enjoying your night.
    Alyce Paris has a whole collection of short and formal white dresses that will service multiple arrays of bridal occasions. Try one of the short formal dresses to wear to the bachelorette party shenanigans or any of your bridal showers. These dresses can also be worn to your rehearsal dinner! Whatever your planning calls for, turn to trusted Alyce Paris for any of your bridal gown needs.
    Once you landed the dress, be sure to check out our makeup and hair inspo for you and your bridal tribe. Bridesmaids everywhere will love your simple and trendy beauty requirements for your bridal party. Let everyone look and feel their best on your big day! The memories may fade but the pictures will last a lifetime.