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    Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Any Wedding

    Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Any Wedding - Alyce Paris

    A bridesmaid plays an important part in every bride-to-be's big day. While a bridesmaid's goal is to shine and provide support, she should never out-do the bride on her special day. This does not mean that you can't be a beautiful and unique!  We have put together some beautiful short, medium and long bridesmaids hairstyles and hair inspiration for all types of weddings.

    Short hair could be challenging to dress up. While it is an easy and effortless style to sport on the go, coming up with ways to give you a more fancy look can definitely be challenging. Adding curls or waves to short hair will give you some extra volume to play with. By adding in braids to bridesmaid's hair, you can add texture and dimension. Try strategically pinning sections of hair to achieve a chic look without taking too much time. Aim for a bridesmaid hairstyle different from her usual everyday look.

    Mid-length hair opens up possibilities to different types of hairstyles. This hair length allows you to try the short hairstyles with a little more wiggle room and extra hair to work with. Even more hair means a more loose look and style. The nicest part of a longer 'do is definitely having an easier timing pinning hair up. It is so nice to be able to keep your hair back and away from your face during a long day of running around and activities.

    Though long hair is very fun, keep in mind the dress you will be wearing. If it is a backless and open style dress, consider a stunning up-do. Will the wedding be indoor or outdoor? An outdoor wedding subjects your hair to heat and humidity. You can stay cool throughout the day in a ponytail and avoid that awful feeling of your hair sticking to your back. With length comes the ability to play around with more styles. Plus, you will not worry about your hair being too short and the look like it was forced in place.

    Whether you are the bride or the maid of honor, it is never too early to gather bridal hair inspiration. What about the dress for the big special day? Shop Alyce Paris dresses here!