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    8 Stunning Braided Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

    8 Stunning Braided Bridesmaid Hair Ideas - Alyce Paris

    Bridesmaids may not be the stars of the wedding, but they are a huge part of it! Picking the correct hairstyle can be daunting, especially since everyone in the bridal party has a different unique style! Picking a common theme like braids is a great way to let everyone pick a hairstyle that fits their look. Check out these 8 stunning braided bridesmaid hair ideas below!

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    1. Low Braided Bun
    This hairstyle is the perfect way to pull back long hair, and that small flower adds a pretty special twist.

    2. Braided Side Ponytail
    Braid on top, party on the bottom! This look is great for ladies who want to show off their long locks.

    3. Half Up Half Down Braid
    Whether you have long or short hair, this look will work for you!

    4. Lacebraided Updo
    Pretty and easy to do DIY style!

    5. Crown Braid
    Want to show off a stunning pair of earrings? Opt for a crown braid with a low bun!

    6. Fishtail Braid
    Weaving a small fishtail braid to a soft curls look makes it much more interesting.

    7. Inverted Fishtail Side Braid
    Side braids are so on trend right now! This look is perfect for an asymmetrical bridesmaid dress.

    8. Braided Updo
    For a full on glam look check out this braided updo!

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