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    Top 10 Relationship Goals

    Top 10 Relationship Goals - Alyce Paris

    #Relationshipgoals is something that has been seen all over social media for a while. The issue with most posts tagged 'relationship-goals' is that they revolve more so around being spoiled with temporary materialistic things like matching watches and it doesn't focus on the important things that are involved in growing a relationship. We have gathered our Top 10 Relationship goals that are realistic and seem almost key to a good and healthy relationship.

    self love

    1 Self Love

    When in a relationship its sometimes hard to remember that you are two separate beings, instead we fall into the trap of becoming a single entity. In order to have a healthy, loving relationship with another human being, you must first learn to love yourself. ... Its easy to get lost in your partner but its important that you don’t become dependent on one person. No one person should be responsible for your happiness. Instead of putting that pressure on your partner you should look inside and learn to love an enjoy spending time with yourself alone aside from being with your partner. Strengthening your relationship with yourself first will ensure you know how to give your partner the attention and space to flourish as well.

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    2 Teamwork

    When your in a committed relationships your partner should be seen as your teammate. Its normal to have to pick up the slack once in a while, but this is something that should always be reciprocated. Being able to have each others back reminds your partner that this relationship is a team effort and you are both working towards the same end goal. Creating this space of reassurance and protection will insure that your putting the 'team' above your independent needs resulting in a healthy and strong relationship.

    3 Connection

    Remember not to take your relationship for granted and make sure you set time aside to spend with your significant other. As we get older our lives get way more hectic, but this shouldn't be an excuse to neglect your relationship. Take time our of your day to connect with your partner one on one and set aside distractions like your phone so that you are really able to connect and enjoy each others company. Make your relationship a priority and show appreciation for each other to ensure a strong bond.

    4 & 5 Intellectual and Physical Attraction

    It’s normal for couples to have different interests but it is important to still have a genuine interest in each others minds. Deeper topics to discuss can include morality, insecurities, traumas, aspirations, aliens, anything that helps you get a deeper understanding of your partner that bypasses the day-to-day small talk. It’s just as important to feel comfortable enough to communicate your physical needs in a relationship while also respecting each others boundaries. Its natural for both parties to lose interest especially when life gets busy but it is essential that both continue to put effort in keeping the fire burning.

    6 Communication

    Lack of communication could ruin a relationship, its important for a couple to be able to listen so they can understand and help each other. Talking about feelings and resolving problems without hurting the other person is something that not many couples are able to achieve. When your partner accepts your vulnerabilities and treats them with respect you can heal wounds and feel more confident in who you are.

    7 Honesty

    Couples that are honest have a greater chance of having a healthy relationship than those who aren’t. Relationships shouldn’t be based off of things you both assume are implied. Talks with the intention of making things completely clear between the two will set a strong foundation for your relationship moving forward.

    8 Trust

    Many people lack trust in a relationship and this is what usually causes their demise. You won't always be tied to  your partner, many may have different hobbies, friends, interests, but its important that couples can trust each other especially when they aren't together. Jealousy is a strong emotion that can have you acting irrationally, but just like any other emotion it is important to have control over it if you don't have a reason to be. Sharing insecurities or concerns with your significant other can put you and them at ease when dealing with a miscommunication so that your bond doesn't suffer.

    9 Work things out

    All couples argue, but the key is to learn how to handle conflict appropriately. Turning a fight into an opportunity to communicate is more beneficial to your relationship than the need to be right which will ultimately drive a wedge between you. Voice your disagreements directly and calmly, its important to guard your partners trust especially when you know them closely. Don't let a heated fight provoke you into 'hitting them where it hurts', being kind is simple and effective in any relationship.

    10 Love unconditionally

    Your goal ultimately should be to encourage each other to do what makes the other happy so that you can be happy together. This means being there through thick and thin. When going through tough times put yourself in their shoes and how the way you react may have an impact on them. Fights will arise but in a healthy relationship no matter what you are going through it is always clear, your love for each other is constant.