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Prom Photo Ideas To Recreate

Prom Photo Ideas To Recreate - Alyce Paris

Prom may only last one night, but your photos will last forever! Taking special prom picture may not seem like something big to do, but they are memories you will be able to look back on. From showcasing your prom dress to getting some fun pics with your crew, super cute prom photos are an absolute must. Whether you are with your prom date, in a group or with a best friend, it's always fun to get creative with the photos you take.

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1. BFF Staircase

This is such a cute photo to take with your besties, whether you take it with all friends or as couples.

2. Glitter

Another fun way to take a photo with your girls is by blowing glitter at the camera. It always creates such a fun and pretty effect.

3. The Spin

Get a beautiful vintage style shot with a little twirl that showcases your dress.

4. Leg Pop

If you are going to prom with your bf, then this is such a cute couples photo to try, especially if you have a dress with a slit!

5. P-R-O-M

How cute is this prom photography idea? It is also super easy, just cut out large letters that spell PROM!

6. Nails and Corsages

Show off your killer prom manicure and corsage in one photo!

7. Picture Frame

prom photos
A large picture frame is a cute and easy way to take a fun shot of your entire crew!

8. Jumping

Perfect prom photo
If you have a large prom group then a jumping shot is the perfect way to take a fun photo of EVERYONE!

 9. Carrying


 Perfect prom photo
Get swept off your feet by your prom date with these heart melting prom photo ideas.

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