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Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life Hacks Everyone Should Know - Alyce Paris

Looking to make some tasks in your life a bit easier? Check out some of these borderline genius life hacks that could be used by everyone. While you may not have thought about them before, they sure do make daily tasks easier and super helpful.
Life Hacks
zipper tip

cooking tip

bread tip

grilled cheese tip

bagel tip

low battery tip

frozen bags clip tip

bread tip

new shoe tip

parking tip

sink tip

remote tip

strawberry tip

apple headphone tip
avocado tip

plastic bag tip

bathroom door tip

 bobby pin tip
car battery tip

cupcake tips

gas tip

hanger tip

shoe tip

paint tip

pancake tip

beach tip

tissue tip

toothpaste/tube tip

oreo tip

Does your life feel easier yet? Life gets messy, right? These life hacks are here to do the trick. Between being a busy girl at school, work, and trying to keep a social life (is it possible to do all three?) sometimes life can get hectic! These life hacks can make your day to day tasks seem a little more efficient. Are there any specific life hacks you use? Which ones do you want to try? Let us know what hacks we are missing so we can share it for the other Alyce girls!

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