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    How to Find Your Perfect Prom Dress

    How to Find Your Perfect Prom Dress - Alyce Paris

    One of the most challenging parts of prom is finding the perfect dress. In theory, this process should be fun and stress free. However, sometimes dress picking can be challenging. With so many styles and colors to choose from, the prom dress inventory can be overwhelming. This post outlines what every #AlyceGirl needs to know searching for the perfect prom dress.

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    Trust Your Friends
    With so many dress styles available, bringing a second opinion is imperative to selecting the perfect gown. Having your trusted friends and family shop with you helps with decision making. By having your most trustworthy friends there, you can relax knowing that you have people there with your best interest in mind. Whether that be your mom, dad, relative or BFF - these people will be honest in helping you select what looks best on you.

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    Come Prepared
    Strapless, mermaid, long, short - the dress possibilities are endless. With so many prom dress styles out there, do your research beforehand. Whether that means searching Pinterest or Instagram, print out any dress styles and colors that catch your eye. This will help narrow down what dresses you think may work best for you.

    Find the Fit Just Right
    Whether you are a dancing queen or prefer to blend in with the group, dancing is what makes prom so fun! Be sure to walk and move around in the dresses you are trying on. You will need to make sure these dresses fit you well and allow some movement. While some tailoring can be done, the actual comfort level and structure of the dress may be hard to adjust. Consult with a seamstress for any dress fitting issues. Hold off on making any decisions until the tailor can be sure the fit can be fixed in time for the prom dance.

    Trust Your Instinct
    You know yourself more than anyone else. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress, you sure won't look comfortable -  and it will show in pictures. Pick a dress that looks and feels great on you. Part of what makes it a perfect prom dress is that the right one makes you look and feel your best. Go with your gut in making a decision. If it falls in line with budget, color, style and fit - go with that dress. Say "yes" to the prom dress of your dreams