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    How to Choose a Prom Dress that Shows Off Your Assets

    How to Choose a Prom Dress that Shows Off Your Assets - Alyce Paris

    Prom is the one night you get all dressed up and wear a stunning dress! This is your time to shine. You can rock a glitzy gown or keep it chic in a simple dress. Picking a prom dress can be super stressful. Do you want something sexy? Mermaid cut? Backless? Straps? You have so many options, and that can make prom dress shopping feel overwhelming. However, there is no need to stress. A great way to shop for a prom dress is to narrow it down to what asset you want to show off. Next you can start shopping for dresses that showcase your favorite body part. Do you love your legs? Want to show off our midriff? Are you all about your back? Check out the tips below to ensure you find the perfect prom dress. Here's how to show off your favorite asset at prom.


    If you all about your legs, then take note. A prom dress with a slit is the classic way to show off your legs.


    Love your abs? Why not show it off? Two piece crop top prom dresses are super on trend this year, another way to show off your midriff is with a prom dress that features cutouts.


    Back it up and show off your sexy back at prom! An open back dress is a super simple yet classy way to show it off.

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