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    Beauty Tips and Tricks

    Beauty Tips and Tricks - Alyce Paris

    Whether you are big into makeup and love the bold dramatic look, or you are into enhancing your natural beauty with just a touch of makeup, these makeup tricks are some of the biggest life changers that not everyone knows about. We share everything from makeup tricks to some useful beauty tips for every day. Don't forget to pin your favorite tips and tricks to save for later!

    Identifying the type of skin you have is important when applying makeup. Not all products cater to every type of skin so make sure you know what is good for you specific skin type so that your makeup can glide on flawlessly and last all day!

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Skin Type Chart

    Just like a painter would use a different brush for the desired look they want to achieve, the same is true when it come to applying makeup. Brushes are used for a specific part, and like skin care investing in good brushes will make a big difference in your makeup game.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Makeup Brushes

    Levels to it
    New to makeup and not sure what to apply first? Check out this simple chart for a step to step process.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Makeup Routine Guide

    Uneven Skin?
    Color correcting is a simple way of fixing discoloration, when applied correctly it won't even look cakey!

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Color Correcting

    Line it up!
    Yes, a lot of people struggle with eyeliner and making the perfect wing. This is a helpful guide depending on the product your using as well as the desired effect.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Eyeliner Guide
    And if this wasn't much help, check out how to apply winged eyeliner step by step:

    Winged Eyeliner

    Deep Cleaning
    To ensure that you don't break out make sure to wash out your brushes every week. Leaving them dirty hinders you from getting a fresh and flawless application along with making it easier for you to break out.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Deep Cleaning Makeup Brushes
    Looking for an inexpensive alternative? Use a plastic clipboard or plate and hot glue the design below.... BAM! A simple DIY brush cleaner.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Makeup Brush Cleaning Pattern

    Quick Fix
    Broken face powder or eyeshadow? Heartbreaking I know... but there is a way to salvage it. Check out the chart below but remember to use the highest alcohol % for this to work properly.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Broken Makeup Powder Fix
    We have a fix for dried mascara too!

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Dried Mascara Hack

    Almost every beauty product has a life expectancy ( Check out the second photo below) so write the open date on the product to make sure it stays fresh.

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Makeup Expiration
    But just so you have an idea of how long a product should last you...

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Beauty Product Expiration

    Ruined your favorite shirt with a pesky stain and don't know what to do? This chart will help with the most common stains so that your shirt can be salvaged!

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Stain Remover Guide

    Who doesn't love smelling good? When spraying perfume/cologne, apply to specific points of your body so that the scent warms up

    Extra Tip: Add a bit of vaseline to these areas, then apply perfume so that the scent lasts all day!

    Beauty Tips & Tricks Perfume Hot Spots

    What other makeup tips do you think we need? Which ones were the most helpful? Sound off in the comments below to make sure we are always bringing #AlyceGirl approved advice