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    ALYCE: The Next Generation

    ALYCE: The Next Generation - Alyce Paris

    ALYCE Paris Throwback!

    "We remember going to Alyce’s house and she would always have something fun planned for us to do, like a lunch or go for a walk or she would have a book picked out to read to us. She would show us her closet which was really big!! It was full of clothes and jewelry that we would get to play with.”

    Danielle and Allison Lambert,18-year old twin sisters, reminisce on the times they spent with their great aunt Alyce Hamm, founder of ALYCE Paris.

    I sat down with two of Alyce’s great-nieces to talk about everything-- from sports to prom -- to understand what it was like being related to a fashion legacy. (Side note: their school’s theme this year is Hollywood, in case you wanted live vicariously through their prom excitement like I was.)

    Pictured above is Danielle (on the left) and Allison (on the right)

    Alexis Miller: How old are you?

    Allison Lambert: 18

    Danielle Lambert:18, but an hour older than Allison!

    AM: What are 2 words to describe you?

    AL: Bubbly & Funny

    DL: Fun & Motivated

    AM: What college are you going to?

    AL: North Central College in Naperville, Illinois

    DL: Me too!

    AL: And we're rooming with each other!

    AM: Which sports did you play in high school?

    AL: Softball

    DL: Softball and Basketball

    AM: What do you want to study in college/be when you grow up?

    AL: I want to study biology and be a pediatrician

    DL: Athletic Training/Physical Therapy

    AM: Favorite social media platforms?

    DL: Snapchat and Instagram

    AL: YouTube and Instagram. I'm on YouTube every night before I go to bed!

    DL: Oh yeah-- and YouTube!

    AM: Ok, I’m just jumping right into the interview with this one- Do you two find it cool that you are great-nieces of Alyce Hamm, successful founder of ALYCE Paris?

    DL: Yes!

    AL: Yeah!

    AM: Do you feel that your family’s involvement in the fashion industry has affected your style? (Side note: The girls’ mom, Nathalie (Alyce's niece) has worked at ALYCE Paris for about 30 years! She also modeled for ALYCE for years!)

    AL: Yes, our mom helps us a lot by making sure everything looks perfect and fits well!

    DL: We also borrow a lot of her stuff and then she helps us style it because she knows what works and looks right!

    AM: What kind of relationship did you have with Alyce?

    AL: We had a really good one!

    DL: We would get really excited to visit her and we always enjoyed it!

    AM: Other than playing dress up with her, what’s something you remember about your visits to her house?

    AL: Her basement was so full of fashion stuff and a ton of fabric!!

    DL: Yeah! And there were a bunch of mannequins.

    AM: Do you remember Alyce having really good style?

    DL: Definitely! She wore a lot of bright colors. Always in pants

    AL: - yeah! and a matching jacket!!

    DL: I don't think we ever saw her in a dress which is kind of funny.

    AL: No matter what the occasion was, she always looked fabulous with jewelry to accessorize!

    AM: How would you each describe the ALYCE brand?

    DL: I would say there's a lot of variety for everyone and very bold.

    AL: Yeah it’s very unique. Even the plain pieces make statements.

    AM: What would you two say is your favorite thing about ALYCE dresses?

    AL: The variety for shape and skin tone.

    DL: Also, there are dresses that are very popular styles but there are also unique and original ones as well which is good for every kind of girl.

    We ended the interview with the girls’ reflections on the evolution of the company and their views on the brand’s progression. Allison explained, “It has been really cool for us to see the growth of the company, comparing what it is now from what it was when we were younger. Even just seeing how many more people from school are choosing to wear ALYCE is really cool.”

    One of the most iconic factors of the Alyce brand is how family-based it is. After chatting with Danielle and Allison it became very obvious how proud they are both to be a part of this family and to represent the ALYCE brand. Only five years since Alyce’s passing, her legacy continues to thrive, not just through the company name, but through the family and the girls who love to wear ALYCE. 

    Danielle (above) is rocking style #1387. "My favorite thing about my prom dress is the color!" -Danielle

    Pictured above is Allison in her prom dress which is style # 6524. "What I love most about this dress is the color and the cut and the overall style!" -Allison

    A photo of the girls' mom and Alyce's niece, Nathalie, modeling in an ALYCE dress. Nathalie modeled for the company at around 16 years old until she was about 24 years old.