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    10 Super Cute Promposals

    10 Super Cute Promposals - Alyce Paris

    Half the fun of going to prom is getting asked! Creativity is key to achieving the perfect promposal. Check out the 10 super cute promposals below. They will for sure make you go awwww! You can use them to ask your special someone to prom, or share them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to give some not so subtle hints to your crush!

    1. Batman
    Batman is by far the hottest superhero.

    2. Solo Cup
    Get it! Solo - solo cup! Who doesn't love a good pun?

    3. Wasabi
    I never thought that you could use Wasabi as a compliment.

    4. Matches
    If you play with fire, you just might get a date to prom.

    5. Princess
    He gave her a tiara and called her a princess! Major points

    6. Wizard of Oz
    I would just like to point out that not only is this an awww worthy promposal, those shoes are actually pretty cute.

    7. Rock Climbing
    This promposal ROCKS!

    8. Movie Night
    Bonus points if you actually end up watching a movie that has a prom scene!

    9. Cheer Squad
    Who doesn't love a big public gesture that you can't say no to?

    10. Photo Booth
    I wonder how many times it took to get this right in the photo booth?

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