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10 Photos You Need To Take With Your Bridesmaids

10 Photos You Need To Take With Your Bridesmaids - Alyce Paris

Sure you are going to want to take all those beautiful photographs with your groom at your wedding, but taking some fun photos with your bridesmaids is an absolute must! From getting ready photos to gorgeous shots with your bouquets you are going to want to capture these special moments. Get ready to fill up your Pinterest boards because you're going to love these cute bridal party photography ideas!

1. First Look
Capture your bridesmaid reactions as they see you in your wedding dress for the first time!

2. Under The Veil
Fit the entire bridal party under your veil for a super cute shot!

3. Bouquets
Show off those bouquets with this adorable photo idea.

4. Robes
This is such an adorable pre-wedding photo.

5. Getting Ready
Every wedding party should take this photo! It's absolutely amazing and made me LOL!

6. In Bed
Posing on on the bed with your bridesmaids is another super cute way to capture some great photos before the wedding.

7. Bridesmaids
Have some fun with your bridesmaids and recreate the "Bridesmaids" movie poster

8. Nails
Show off you killer manicures!

9. Shoes
Want to show off your stunning shoes? Take a photo of them!

10. Parasols
This is especially great if it's super sunny outside.

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