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    Yellow Dresses

    Yellow prom dresses are the color of happiness, sunshine, whimsy, and laughter. Research shows that the bright color of yellow dresses can increase serotonin in the brain, speed up metabolism, and raise spirits.   Right now, a yellow gown is THE trending color and dress style for proms, cocktail dresses, party dresses and semi formals. The challenge is matching shades of yellow to your skin tone. Though it can be harder to match bright yellow dresses to both your skin tone and hair color, a yellow formal dress should be on your short list of unique gowns to consider. Bright dreamers and adventurers ready to explore the world are attracted to long yellow prom dresses.  Warm, mustard yellow dresses look better on blondes and darker skin tones, while lemon-y pale yellow prom dresses look better on brunettes and people with red/pink skin tones.  Even for wedding guests, consider a yellow lace dress or short prom dress. Short dresses and 2 piece dresses are so much fun! Yellow is a popular wedding gown color in Morocco due to its universal symbolism of joy and positivity.