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    Purple Dresses

    Purple prom dresses represent an elite, royal and high society status - your Queen Bee nemesis might show up rocking a unique purple prom dress.  In ancient times, purple formal attire exuded sophistication, wealth and luxury because it was a rare color that was both difficult and expensive to dye.  The purple dye used 9,000 mollusks to create just one gram of purple!  Queen Cleopatra was said to be crazy over the color purple. Queen Elizabeth I forbade everyone but close royal family members to wear purple clothing.  We can't imagine Queen Elizabeth or Cleo wearing a short purple prom dress, but we definitely can picture them in a purple dress!  While less common in the market these days, at ALYCE Paris you will still find the perfect long dresses, mermaid dresses, ball gowns, A line dresses, military ball, homecoming and cocktail dresses in the best shades of purple.  Today, light purple long prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses indicate a creative spirit, passion, and emotional sensitivity. Falling under the category of purple, lavender prom dresses are part of a vintage 1930s trend resurgence.  Lavender dresses are truly perfect as short dresses, short prom, lace dresses, and party dresses to keep the mysterious spirit alive.   People who wear a lilac prom dress are known to love mysticism and spirituality.