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6 Ways To Curl Your Hair

6 Ways To Curl Your Hair - Alyce Paris

Thinking of curling your hair for your next event? You have come to the perfect place, we have highlighted 6 different types of curls you can flaunt for prom, homecoming or on date night!

1: Vintage Curls

2: Big Voluminous Curls

3: Spiral Curls

4: Beach Waves

5: Blowout

6: Curled Ends

Tips for making your curls last:

  • Curls are better on day old hair as opposed to freshly washed
  • Add a texturing spray or dry shampoo before curling the hair
  • Keep in mind smaller curls last longer than bigger ones
  • Set curls with hairspray and let them cool before running fingers through them
  • Avoid touching your hair throughout the day