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Country Style Promposal | Ideas To Steal

Country Style Promposal | Ideas To Steal

Posted by Mayra Herrera on May 5th 2015

Promposals are the new proposals for the teenagers lately. Here are some country style promposal ideas to steal, or learn from, especially if you re a country teenager. These are our favorites and least favorites for a country style promposal.

1. Plan a mudding date and then write her a little message.

2. Take her fishing with you as a surprise catch!

3. Hunting for a buck sure puts a girl in the mood to go to prom.

4. WRITE HER A SONG! Or in this case rewrite it, because every girl dreams of a boy writing a song for her. How about a Luke Bryan Parody?

DON'T DO THIS! Being called a donkey isn't cute. Show the girl some respect!

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