Celeb Power Couples

Celeb Power Couples

Posted by Mayra Herrera on Feb 8th 2019

Having goals in your relationship is very important. Being on the same page as your partner makes things more powerful and unifying. The hashtag #relationshipgoals are the silly and somewhat attainable aspirations we have when searching for our top favorite couples. Basically, we are looking for what couple we can most likely be like and resemble. Relationships are looked up to when the couple is indefinitely themselves without losing themselves in one another, are successful and grow together. These couples compliment each other and are the types of relationships you see growing old together and having a family. Not only are they the definition of goals, but they are genuinely best friends who have withstood the test of time, and show us all that true love does exist. 

Check out theses celebrity power couples who we think define relationship goals!

Michelle & Barack Obama

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Shakira & Gerard Pique

Jada & Will Smith

David & Victoria Beckham

Yes, having #relationshipgoals is important. But so is finding a partner than supports, complements, and empowers you to be a better person. A good relationship goal for us all is to be find someone that treats us well and wants what is best for us. It is fun to admire and aspire to be a celebrity power couple. Yes, it is important to set goals for you and your partner. However, be careful to not forget to set goals for yourself. An #AlyceGirl strives to achieve her own set goals and dreams as well as alongside her partner! So no matter if your prom date is your partner in crime, or if you are still searching for that certain someone - remember to love yourself first!

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