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National Prom Day: Celebrate with Alyce Paris

Alexandra Holecek on March 17, 2017 - 4:09 pm in Charity, Prom

National Prom Day with Alyce Paris

Celebrate National Prom Day with Alyce Paris

What Is National Prom Day

National Prom Day is officially recognized on March 31st this year.  It is a day to celebrate friendships, treasure memories, and reminisce on the past as we anticipate the next steps in life. This exciting milestone marks a pivotal point in every young adult’s life. National Prom Day is designated to celebrate this significant event, as well as support and uplift the participants and observers. Alyce Paris is a proud supporter and sponsor of National Prom Day and the participants this prom season.

Prom dances are known for the glitz, glamour and the perfect prom dress. While National Prom Day embraces the happiness and joy that comes with this event, it also recognizes the pressures and decisions that the party-goers may face. National Prom Day aims to promote an embrace a culture of smart decision making, empowerment, confidence and poise. With these values in mind, National Prom Day proudly partners with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

SADD provides members with the decision making tools to make wise choices when faced with critical issues such as underage drinking, drug use, impaired driving and other illegal activities. The group has also recently expanded their mission to help prepare against bullying, suicide, violence and other destructive behaviors. SADD aims to enable and support the members to be confident and smart in their decision making abilities when faced with rather critical scenarios.

How You Can Celebrate

To celebrate National Prom Day, SADD supporters will be donating to the worthwhile cause on March 31st. Shop from selective retailers and partners to help contribute and fund this day. For every dress sold, a portion will be donated to SADD and the case against drunk driving, impaired behavior, and other potentially life-threatening scenarios. Participants can also showcase their support by posting prom pictures, “throwback” images and other prom photos on their social media accounts. Be sure to use #NationalPromDay to show us your prom style and support this noteworthy organization. Alyce Paris proudly encourages prom-goers this year and always to make smart decisions that will make a life long impact.  We hope that by supporting this fantastic organization, #AlyceGirls everywhere will have a safe and enjoyable prom season!


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