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15 Perfect Hair Styles For Prom 2015!

Kip Russell on October 2, 2014 - 2:42 pm in Fashion News, Uncategorized

15 Perfect Hair Styles For Prom 2015!

Prom 2015 is right around the corner. We have been leaking a few of our Spring 2015 dress designs on social media. It’s never to early to start planning for prom or adding things to your Pinterest pin boards and wish lists. Below is our list of 15 Perfect Hair Styles For Prom 2015!

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1. The Perfect Fishtail Braid.

perfect prom hair. Braid

2. Mermaid side braid. Amazing look with any strapless or one shoulder dress!

perfect prom hair. mermaid braid

3. Intertwine a ribbon into your braid.

perfect prom hair. braids

4. Pair that double crown braid with some wavy curls, and you got yourself a goddess look.

perfect hair for prom. double rope braid.

5. Sexy, long blue hair. Add a pop of color for prom by dyeing your hair or simply adding some color clip in extensions.

perfect prom hair. long blue hair

6. Love this Z shaped braid prom hair style.

perfect hair for prom. Z shaped braid

7. She just has the perfect long hair.

perfect hair. perfect prom hair

Shop for prom or homecoming. Click this photo. 

prom 2015

8. Love these curls with crown braid. Perfect Prom hair.

loose curls with crown braid. perfect prom hair

10. Long curls. If you don’t have long hair, just clip in some extensions!

perfect prom hair. curls and extensions.

11. Tied back using lace or some cute embellishment.

tied braid with. perfect prom hair

12. This crown braid is perfect even with straight hair.

perfect prom hair. double crown braid

13. Curls, extensions and another crown braid.

ducth halo. perfect prom hair

14. Long french braid.

perfect prom hair. rope braid

15. Pulled back Pretzel Knots. This hair style is amazing.

perfect prom hair

This 2015 Prom dress would look great with these hairstyles.

ALYCE Paris style #6393 would look stunning with a braided hairstyle for prom! Click Here to start shopping for prom. 

melanie iglesias in red alyce paris red carpet dress



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