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The 20 Best Promposals or Homecoming Invites of 2014 – Present

Kip Russell on September 23, 2014 - 10:25 am in Prom Humor

This is our list of the 25 cutest promposals or homecoming invite ideas of 2014.

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1. Tiffany & Co promposal. This could get expensive! So jealous of the girl who got asked like this.

tiffany's homecoming promposal or hoco invite prom invitee

2. Yay or neigh? Most likely Yay if you bring me a horse. 

horse promposal or homecoming invite ideas

3. Ask me with Taco Bell and it’s an automatic yes. 

taco bell homecoming promposal or prom invite

4. Post it promposal. I’d say yes but he’s cleaning off my car.

funny promposal

5. Cinnamon apple promposal lol!

cinnamon apple promposal

6. How to ask a volley ball girl to prom or homecoming!

volleyball promposal or hoco promposal

7. This is so cute. 

whale promposal


8. Perfect chick-fil-a and a promposal!

chick fil a promposal


9. Awe…please ask me with a kitten.

kitten promposal or hocopromposal

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10. Yaas! Nike just do it promposal.

nike just do it promposal or hocopromposal


11. This guy is a genius.

puzzle promposal or prom invite

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.08.35 AM

12. Automatic yes!

large teddy bear homecoming invite

13. Awkward moment promposal.

awkward promposal

14. This guy went above and beyond lol! Monster truck hoco invite.

monster truck homecoming invite

15. Pro poker player hoco invite.

king needs his queen promposal

16. Super cute way to ask a girl to hoco.

cute prom invite or homecoming invite

17. Football team hoco invite.

football team homecoming invite

18. When the whole school wants you to go to prom together.

epic prom invite

19. Score!

football player promposal

20. Awe I’d dance with you…

honest homecoming invite

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