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11 Summer Hair Buns

Hillary Timlin on June 3, 2014 - 3:07 pm in Beauty How To

Summer means weddings and parties, lots of which happen outside. Summer also means it can get extremely hot, so wearing your hair up in a bun is a great way to go for these types of events. Check out these 11 buns that are perfect for your summer hairstyle!


1. Low Bun

Low Bun


2. Intricate Braided Bun

 Intricate Braided Bun


3. Undone Braided Side Bun

Undone Braided Side Bun


4. Bun with Bow

Bun with Bow


5. Embellished Bun

Embellished Bun


6. Bow Bun

Low Bun


7. Braided Bun

Low Bun


8. Bun with Headband

Bun with Headband


9. Super High Bun

 Super High Bun


10. Bouffant Bun

Bouffant  Bun


11. Blow Braided Bun

Blow Braided Bun


2 Dresses perfect for your next event this summer

ALYCE Paris style #35636 and #35662

ALYCE Paris style #35636ALYCE Paris style #35662


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