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60’s inspired hair and makeup

Hillary Timlin on March 24, 2014 - 7:39 am in Beauty How To, Makeup

The 60’s was a great time for fashion! Want to give off a retro look at prom, homecoming, or just for a fun night out? Then try out some big 60’s inspired hair or some bold 60’s inspired makeup!


60’s inspired hair

1960s inspired hair
Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and Julianne Hough are going back in time to get some hair inspiration! If you are getting your hair done, just bring in a photo of your favorite do to your stylist, and she’ll know what to do. If you are going DIY, try teasing your hair to add some volume, and then put it in a high or low pony. If you want to try something more intricate, there are a ton of helpful 60’s hair tutorials on YouTube that will give you step by step instructions.


60’s inspired makeup

1960s inspired makeup
Lana Del Rey and Sarah Hyland pull off the 60’s flawlessly! If you are getting your makeup done professionally, just bring in pictures of your favorite 60’s look to your makeup artist. However, if you are doing your own makeup, go for a bold cat eye and a nude lip. It is a pretty easy look to do, but will have a stunning effect!


3 Dresses that go with any 60’s inspired hair or makeup look

ALYCE Paris style #2347, #6283, and #4362 would look perfect with a 60’s vibe in your hair or makeup!
ALYCE Paris dress style #2347ALYCE Paris dress style #6283ALYCE Paris dress style #4362


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