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P. Sanders played with a puppy and it was beautiful

Hillary Timlin on February 11, 2014 - 7:56 pm in Celeb Crush, Peyton Sanders


P. Sanders played with a puppy at the Alyce Paris winter 2014 photo shoot and we caught it all on camera. Warning: what you are about to see is extremely adorable and you might go into a cute overload. Here are five photos from this heart warming event.

1. Peyton Sanders just holding a puppy as your heart begins to soften!

Peyton Sanders


2. Now he is bending down to give this little guy a nuzzle.

Peyton Sanders


3. Just posing like a pro with the most adorable accessory ever.

Peyton Sanders


4. Now the puppy is trying to snuggle with P. Sanders. I’m dying!

Peyton Sanders


5. Finally, Peyton is giving this little ball of fur the attention it deserves. This is to much!

Peyton Sanders


Lets be honest, this little fur ball was the true star here!

Peyton Sanders


This cutie even got in a photo with Jessica Jarrell and Payton Rae!

Peyton Sanders

Jessica in Alyce Paris style #2315 and Payton in style #4370.


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