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Prom Night Horror Stories

Zecharia Gilbert on May 29, 2013 - 9:58 pm in Prom Humor

Prom Night Horror Stories
Prom is supposed to be one of the most magical nights of our lives, however when things go bad, prom can get real ugly! We are searching for some of the worst Prom Night Horror Stories. Here is our first in a series of many! If you have a prom horror story, please submit it!

Prom was coming up and my boyfriend and I had gotten into a big fight as I caught him talking to another girl…they were getting a little too close.  I found out that they were seen outside and ice cream shoppe holding hands!  Needless to say, our relationship was over.  So, I had no date to the Senior Prom.  I was literally stalked by a guy for 3 years through high school… he was kinda cute but a klutz at the same time.  He had always had a crush on me.  I never paid any attention to him… until I was cheated on!  So, this guy asks me to prom…I talked with my girlfriends and they told me to give him a chance, so I did.  Mike and I were all set to go to the prom.  He said he had a limo that would be picking us up.  He was supposed to arrive in the limo to pick me up at 6:30pm, however he called to say there was a problem and that he was running late.  At 7:10pm Mike finally arrived, but not in the limo! My date showed up in his parents mobile dog grooming business van that was all rusted out!  I guess his parent’s credit card bounced when they attempted to pay for the limo, so he came in the dog van!  I just so happened to be wearing a long black dress with a blue top and black heels.  I’m sure you can image what happened next.  We got to Prom and arrived at the red carpet.  Everyone stopped and looked at us as we arrived!  There was a long line of limos, sports cars and then Mike’s parents dog grooming van!  Laughs could be heard as Mike opened the van door for me.  As I was walking down the red carpet you could hear people whispering, “OMG, look at all the dog hair on her dress!!!”.  It was the biggest nightmare of my entire high school life.  I went from dating our high school running back to riding in a dog grooming truck to my high school prom!

Stephany’s story is pretty bad.  I don’t know if anyone could top that, but the whole ALYCE Paris staff was rolling on the ground when they heard this story!  We wonder if she’s on Youtube?

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