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Celebrity Prom Photo Bombs

kipp on April 30, 2013 - 7:57 pm in Celebrity Fashion, Prom Humor

Celebrity Prom Photo Bombs
Celebrities are no different than us and look just as goofy in their prom photos as everyone else.  We’ve assembled the craziest celebrities at their prom. Some good, some bad, some just ugly!

Brad Pitt has the classic helmet hair going for him at his prom!  By the looks of Brad’s date, perhaps she was hoping to elope after prom?

Brad Pitt Prom Photo


Britney Spears actually looked like the All American Disney girl we once knew. Not to mention, she’s wearing an ALYCE Paris dress!

Britney Spears Prom Photo


Carrie Underwood at her prom looks like she was destined for stardom.

Carrie Underwood at her prom


Christina Aguilara.  We wonder what she told that boy…

Christina Aguilara prom photo


Demi Lovato looks great at her prom next to the Rolls Royce limo!

Demi Lovato looking hot in her prom dress


Faith Hill.  Apparently she wore a neck brace to her prom.

Faith Hill and a somewhat disgruntled looking prom date...


Fergie.  It’s not often you see a girl wear prom gloves.

Fergie at prom


George Clooney.  That classic smile and chin that won him “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine, twice!

George Clooney at prom


Jessica Alba.  She’s always made the men smile!  And always will!

Jessica Alba with her prom date cuddled close behind.


Justin Beiber.  He looks a little flat in this prom photo…

Justin Beiber prom photo


Kobe Bryant and Brandy at prom.  What is going through the girls mind to the left?

Kobe Bryant and Brandy at Prom


Danielle Fishel & Lance Bass.  Are you as clueless as we are?

Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass prom photo

Both Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass have gone on to stardom ... and grown up!


Michelle Obama.  Looks great in this wicker chair… and her prom date looks a little old?  We think we know who he is..

Michelle Obama looks so good while sitting in this wicker chair at prom.


Miley Cyrus.  Photo looks old, but Miley’s prom dress style was simple and cute!  Miley’s date resembles a certain character in the movie “Wizard of Oz“.

Miley Cyrus prom photo


Rhianna looks fabulous at prom, like always.

Rhianna looking good at prom


Snooky looks like her taste in men has stayed the same.

Snooky prom photo


Taylor Swift looks so harmless in this prom photo.

Taylor Swift prom photo


Tupac Shakur. RIP.  Tupac’s prom date had this to say about her night with the legend.

Tupac Shakur prom photo


Will Ferrell, Prom Queen

Will Ferrell prom queen photo


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