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Celebrity Fashion Sense: Haley Reinhart

admin on April 11, 2013 - 6:04 pm in Announcements
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Haley Reinhart graced the red carpet in this hot red dress, while mingling with Hollywood’s finest at Celebrity Fight Night. Founded 18 years ago, Celebrity Fight Night raises money for local charities through celebrities and a night of entertainment.

The American Idol Finalist chose dress style #35517 a one shoulder, long red dress ensemble from ALYCE Paris where she gave a spectacular performance and graced the red carpet!

A rising star, Haley Reinhart consistently chooses ALYCE Paris dresses for events! After the big show, she changed into another ALYCE Paris dress, style #4299, where she mingled with other celebrities and talent such as Irish singer Keith Harkin, pictured below with Haley! She looked amazing in the short white ALYCE Paris ensemble, embellished with gold elements.

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