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Model With Payton Rae & ALYCE Paris (Contest Winners)

kipp on December 24, 2012 - 8:19 pm in Announcements, Day to Day
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Watch Payton Rae call the winner of our modeling contest, Karen McCormick.

The official winner of our model with Payton Rae & ALYCE Paris contest is Karen McCormick. We loved Karen’s creativity, charm and lyrics to her original song, which she wrote for this contest. We think she is an amazing fit for our photo shoot.

We have decided to add 5 more runner ups! That means a total of 10 girls have won an ALYCE Paris Dress. If you’re a winner please email kip@alyceparis.com.

Our runner ups are:

1) Shelby Valle (youtube: sdvgirl99285) 2) Taylor Rhodes (youtube: Taylor Rhodes) 3) Selena Aguilar (youtube: Selina Aguilar) 4) Twins Malia and Akela (Youtube: MaliaAndAkela) 5) Alyssa Martin (youtube: alyssa martin) 6)  Kate Bianco (youtube hittingthenotes) 7) Dylan Bushar (youtube: cd85cookies 8) Mackenna Richardson (youtube: Mackenna Richardson) 9) Dayanna Barrera (youtube: Poshgurl81) 10) Liia Butle (Youtube Esto Mania)

ALYCE Paris & Payton Rae consider all girls who created videos winners, therefore, if you created a video you will win an poster signed by Payton Rae. Please email kip@alyceparis.com with the subject title “VIDEO POSTER WINNER”

ALYCE Paris would like to thank every girl who created a video. We are so proud and honored that you would take the time to create something so special. Payton and our team watched every video personally and it was extremely hard to pick a winner. The good news is, starting tomorrow we begin Payton’s Prom Giveaway. We are giving 1 free dress away every Friday through February 22nd.

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