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Homecoming Tips!

kipp on September 18, 2012 - 9:45 pm in Fashion News, News

Homecoming Night Do's and Don'ts

There are many mistakes you can make before your homecoming dance, but there are a few you absolutely don’t want to do. Here are the biggest Do’s and Don’ts for your Homecoming night.

    • DO NOT get your hair cut or colored right before homecoming… I have never seen it work out. It always ends in a tear and tantrums. Right before a dance is never the time to make an extreme change so just leave it be! If someone is dressed like you at Homecoming, don’t make a huge deal about it! Stuff like that happens! Walk over & say, “Hey looks like we have the same great taste in clothes!” Once you have diffused the situation no one will make a big deal out of it… because you didn’t! Drama is infectious!

    • DO NOT let the dress wear you! Get a gown you are comfortable in. Nothing is worse than seeing someone struggling with their outfit… pulling up a strapless or pulling down a way too short mini!

    • Break in your shoes! My way is to wear them around the house, with some gym socks, as much as I can before the dance. The shoes will adapt and mold to your tootsies and they wont tear your feet to shreds at the dance!

    • Highlight your best features! Do you have great hair? Then wear it down! Have great shoulders? Do A Strapless! Nice Arms? How about a spaghetti strap gown? If you are self conscious about a part of your body don’t feel like you need to show it all off. Modesty is the best quality! Just because everyone is going super short and super low cut doesn’t mean you have to!

    • Learn about the homecoming dance! Freshman or new to your school? Talk with some upperclassmen about the school’s homecoming dance… the styles, the music and so on. If all else fails, a good source is always the guidance counselor. Now I know many may say that’s corny or a loser thing do, but they are more times than not, the chaperones for the school dance, so they know exactly the who, what and WEAR! They won’t lead you astray and they won’t tell anyone you asked! They are there to guide you through high school. They will be happy to help!

HAVE FUN! Dance and Smile the night away… No Drama!

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